Sunday, November 26, 2006


another bar prep course?

can't decide. should i take Essay Advantage or Flemings, or whatever else is offered? should i take Bar/Bri again? i was thinking about just going it alone again. but some people at work said i should really think about taking a supplement. i dunno. seems like a waste. i think i just don't know the law, and if i really studied harder i'd know it and then i wouldn't fail.

btw, got a good talking to by the managing partner wednesday morning (right before thxgiving break, of course). if i don't take & pass it this time it "might be time to consider other options." well, mp, you can bite my freakin' ass. i'll pass it when i'm ready to pass it.

maybe i'll sign up for essay advantage.

I felt like i had a good grasp on the law for the Jul 06 exam, but i still didn't get a "passing" 70 score on any of the essays. I was really surprised to get 57.5's on two essays I thought I had nailed. Furthermore, I got a 60 on an essay I wrote some majorly wrong law by mistake. So, even though I haven't gotten my essays back, I think it's more than just knowing the law, it's about how to write effectively.

I think I will be going with BarGraders instead of Essay Advantage. The BarGraders graders grade actual bar exam essays. Also, Essay Advantage grades only 12 essays as opposed to 40 graded by BarGraders. Finally, BarGraders provides a detailed analysis of the answers you wrote for the bar exam. In the end, BarGraders still comes out cheaper.

As to the MBEs, I'm not sure whether to go with Micromash or Adaptibar. Any thoughts?
Yeah, you're probably right. Writing well (or at least what they think is well) is important.

Don't know what the best resource is for the MBE's. I heard PMBR got sued and got a judgment against them for stealing questions directly from the MBE, so I'm thinking their books are probably the best. I mean, their questions have now been validated as authentic, as a matter of law. Think I might study from those.
Sorry to hear about your MP. I'm doing Essay Advantage and studying from my PMBR books. BarGraders looks really good though. I may ask around about it, but my boss and one of my friends who failed swear by Essay Advantage (and both passed the second time).

I'm sure all programs are good, and that you can decide which one will work for you. And since it appears that you, like me, just need to *learn* the law, and we don't have huge problems with IRAC and writing, we just have to sit and study.
how was your experience with bargraders?

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