Monday, November 27, 2006


private tutor?

also considering private tutors this time around. any suggestions or success stories? would be most welcome.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


another bar prep course?

can't decide. should i take Essay Advantage or Flemings, or whatever else is offered? should i take Bar/Bri again? i was thinking about just going it alone again. but some people at work said i should really think about taking a supplement. i dunno. seems like a waste. i think i just don't know the law, and if i really studied harder i'd know it and then i wouldn't fail.

btw, got a good talking to by the managing partner wednesday morning (right before thxgiving break, of course). if i don't take & pass it this time it "might be time to consider other options." well, mp, you can bite my freakin' ass. i'll pass it when i'm ready to pass it.

maybe i'll sign up for essay advantage.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Still at it...

It's gonna be a humdinger, folks. I'm going to give this thing a serious what for.

You won't find me running off to Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, or any other weakass state. It's cali all the way for me. Feb. '07.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Sorry for the delay...

Yeah, I decided to postpone the Feb 2006 exam. And the July exam. Too much stress, I guess. Who needs it? But I'm going all out for the Feb. 2007 one. Why, just today I listened to the first 2 hours of Barbri's crim law.

It's go time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Grand Total:
17 MBEs (17 contracts)
2 essays (2 contracts)
0 issue spotting exercises
0 PTs

Tuesday, January 10, 2006



damn, i didn't realize some other states limit the number of bar exam attempts. apparently the limit is 5 in Texas. i feel for you, Clifton.



so i stopped by the firm this morning. mainly to procrastinate some more, but also to deal with some timesheet crap from last month. i also wanted to see my secretary and wish a happy new year to a few folks. and to have the IT guy fix my laptop which i totally f*cked up trying to install examsoft. of course i had to listen to IT guy bitch & moan for a solid 15 minutes about how i should *never* try to install non-work-related software & how i shouldn't even know the administrator password, and how this was going to take him 5 hours to fix & how the firm will be charging me for his time, and on and on. give me a freakin' break. first of all, this guy is a full-time employee of the firm, so if they charge me for his "time" (which he claims is $50/hr), well then i'll tell you what i'm gonna do -- i'm probably gonna take it right up the ass & pay the firm because i don't know what other recourse i possibly have and i'm not really in any position to be stirring the pot since i still haven't passed this damn exam & i'm yet again taking more time away from work.

but what really concerned me today, and the reason i'm even posting this, is because my secretary said that the managing partner wanted me to stop by his office when i came in (i was supposed to stop by the office yesterday when i returned from vacation to fix the timesheet). and then she looked at me kind of weird & looked around a bit as if to see if anyone was watching. now this scared the hell out of me. she didn't actually *say* anything, but it certainly looked as if something was wrong. i went down to managing partner's office & thank god he wasn't in & then i grabbed my backpack & left the building as soon as possible.

now here's what i'm thinking -- managing partner is probably going to give me a good "talking to" and let me know that if i don't pick it up a notch & pass this time they are going to shitcan me as soon as humanly possible (which i can't believe they haven't already done). or he's going to shitcan me as soon as i walk into his office. either way, all i know is that there's no way i'm walking back into that firm anytime soon. and if i get an email suggesting otherwise, then i'm going to make up every excuse in the book not to show up for at least a month. i just don't need that stress right now...

Monday, January 09, 2006


now *that* is funny...

those old folks in oakland were really nice to me when i took the exam, but apparently not to this blogger...

...I don’t know- I bet they just switched off their hearing aides. I think it is a rule that you have to be at least 90 to proctor the California bar exam. My “favorite” moment came when a proctor pulled me aside on the first day as I walked to the bathroom (you can just get up and go) and whispered, in a serious voice, that I was “in trouble.” I nearly shit my pants, and then the proctor laughed and was like “just kidding.” Thanks, I needed that, buddy...



ok, now that i'm officially back from christmas vacation it's time to for me to start hitting it hard. so far the only thing i've done is listen to a few pmbr lectures...

i like what cali's done -- posting her total each day for what she's accomplished. maybe that'll help keep me more motivated. so here goes:

Grand Total:
0 MBEs
0 essays
0 issue spotting exercises
0 PTs

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