Thursday, October 05, 2006


Still at it...

It's gonna be a humdinger, folks. I'm going to give this thing a serious what for.

You won't find me running off to Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, or any other weakass state. It's cali all the way for me. Feb. '07.

Now THAT is a shitty thing to say, especially because that's the major topic of conversation right now on my bar blog!

Def. not cool.
Good luck on the Cali bar! I just took it in July. If I didn't pass, I'll be studying for the Feb '07 bar right along side you!
Right now I'd be happy to be licensed even in a "weakass state". An atty is an atty.
Nice comment on my blog this evening. StatCounter is quite a handy dandy tool.
At least you have a job...I just passed NY and MA and still have no concrete employment offers. Booo.
well, roonie, it is *my* blog, afterall. i don't know why i can't give *my* opinion on *my* blog. it would be a mighty dull world if everyone had the same opinion, don't you think?
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