Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Grand Total:
17 MBEs (17 contracts)
2 essays (2 contracts)
0 issue spotting exercises
0 PTs

Trying to study, but this thing is kicking me in the rear. Thanks for visiting me and I hope that this will be the final time for both of us. Maybe, 3rd time is the charm--it worked for JFK, jr.
thanks Rosa. best of luck to you too!
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I hope that the abscence of your posts here indicates taht you have been busy studying.
Hang in there, 3rd. Im writing about everything else but the Bar on my Blog because blogging is my escape. However, if any of your blog roll over there is studying for Massachusetts, let me know. My study partner backed out on me at the last minute, and studying by myself...well let hope I can stay focused. Anyway, if there is anyone studying for the MA Bar in the Boston Area, shoot me an email on my Blog. Thank you.
so how'd ya do??
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